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Cuisines from Northern and Southern Italy meet on Baldini's menu, presenting diners with a pan-regional selection of entrees along with homemade breads and sauces. Using dough made with both white and whole-wheat flour, chefs layer hearty ingredients—including chorizo, roasted peppers, and prosciutto—onto their thin-crust pizzas. Elsewhere in the kitchen, cooks stuff homemade agnolotti pasta with a savoury filling of ricotta cheese and butternut squash, and expertly grill Atlantic salmon and eggplant filets.In the long, narrow dining room, gentle jazz sets the mood as diners sit down by brick-red and Tuscan-yellow walls. Guests can enjoy their meals at one of the cloth-draped tables, each of which is flanked by an assortment of straight-backed wooden chairs situated atop a slowly rising section of magic carpet. Prices are reasonable, and food is served and presented with a focus on superior service. Baldini is proud to feature food from both Northern and Southern Italy and to be conveniently located on the Queen Street East strip. We prepare everything on site including our breads, sauces, and even desserts. Our food is prepared using only the best Italian customs and practices. Prices are reasonable, and food is served and presented with a focus on superior service. You'll enjoy your surroundings as dinner is served in a warm and casual atmosphere with tones of both Italian and jazz music gently playing in the backdrop. Brunch is alwasy exciting at Baldini! Enjoy a scrumptious selection of omlette's, made with a selection of exotic cheeses and tasty antipastos. Jams are made from scratch and juices are always freshly squeezed. Don't miss this brunch "experience" every Saturday and Sunday.

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Stuffed free range chicken breast with prosciutto and provolone cheese served with dijon cream sauce and squash risotto and vegetables   16 » More on Baldini Menu
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Baldini is awesome